Guaranteed payday loans

The issue of wide-spread service as payday loans is very popular among all layers of population and at the same time very controversial. Its popularity arises from the speed and convenience you can get money with, while controversy is caused by the difference in opinions as per the safety of working with financial institutions other then banks. Because when we speak about the banks we speak about credits – but payday loans are usually provided by small, money
So what is a guaranteed payday loan? and why is this service so popular, so wide-spread and so attractive to the people? Payday loans as they are can be compared to a usual credit, only for a small amount taken for a short period of time. The term “small” usually means up to $ 2000, while the term is most frequently 14 days with the possibility of prolongation.
A 1 hour payday loan, or any other type of payday loan, is mostly considered to be more convenient then the credit, because it is faster to apply for, to receive and to repay. For example the rules to receive a guaranteed cash advance are very simple – you need to be eighteen and older, the citizen of the country, you need to have or open and account in any bank to receive money on and to have a job/stable income. No one will check your credit history, no one will try to estimate your house, car and other assets. So those people who had once had problems with the banks have equal chance of being granted the payday loan.
The easy way to get such loan is to visit the company lender. There in the office you’ll fill some questionnaires, sign a bill for the amount of a loan + fees, and receive the money. The bill is needed like a precaution, for if you do not return the money in time it’ll be taken from your deposit. This is also convenient for you, as no fines will be applied if for some reason you delay the payment.
But when the time is very short it is better to use on-line lending sites, where you just fill in the information about yourself, send the application and in some hours or even minute you’ll have the instant approval payday loan deposited on the account indicated by you.

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